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Fun and CHALLENGING Classroom Activity

Create A Coding Lab

This download contains all the necessary items to setup and teach your own coding lab activity in your home or at school.
Use the provided template to get the IDEA out of your student's head.
Video Tutorials
Video tutorials will guide a student through coding with Scratch.
Challenges and Badges
Boost your confidence and earn rewards.

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Frequently asked questions

What is

It is a place where I can help you learn and give advice on a pathway for learning how to code and use technology.

Who is Mr. Fred ?

Mr. Fred is the name my students have given me over the years probably because my last name is hard to pronounce.  I have been a teacher in the college classroom for over 23 years and a teacher of kids coding camps.  But I am also a software development consultant, and entrepreneur. 

Do you offer support for these resources?

YES.  I am a teacher.  If you are a teacher whether in a traditional school setting, online, or at home, I am available to help you.

Do I need to know anything before starting to teach coding?

Learning to code is like anything else where you start with the basics and keep going from there.  The biggest thing I always tell my students is be patient.

If you studied computer science or had a programming class, you will be fine.  HOWEVER, I have seen too many teachers keep the bar way to high. 

The rigor (I really don't like that term) exists and it will be there.  Keep this challenging but keep it fun.  Get kids excited and interested first.

So if you background is a non-STEM discipline/special and you are now teaching coding, USE THESE RESOURCES!  I will help you.

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